Computer Science

This course aims at preparing the students to become programmer with software skills. A student who learns the development of software in various areas like malfunctioning, education, management and remote control with thorough technical knowledge in computer network is in great demand in MNC’S including banking & financial sectors. Subjects on algorithms, operating system, programming languages, database management system, computer graphics and computer network are studied as a part of the course.


Electronics and Communications

Every fact of life today is impacted by Electronics in one way or other. The opportunities in Electronic field are countless, application developers, system engineers, integrators and information technology. Subjects on digital system, digital signal processing analog and digital communications, power electronics etc.


Mechanical Engineering

Engineers are concerned with all types of machines and devices such as those used in home appliances, engines and other components used in transportation. Mechanical engineers also design the tools and processes necessary to make product such as tractors for agriculture, robots to assemble ears etc. Mechanical Engineer technical competence must be complemented by managerial & personal skills required to interact with teams.


Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a prominent and oldest branch of engineering which deals with buildings, bridges, roads, flyovers, railways, water supply, sanitary and other infrastructural development. Analytical & logical abilities and liking for the profession are the essential requirements. Subject on concrete technology, transport engineering, water supply and sanitary engineering, fluid mechanics, hydrology, and water resources, irrigation engineering are studied in this course.


Electrical and Electronics

E and E is very attractive & interesting subjects on network theory, control systems, protection and power systems give the basic exposure to Electrical fundamentals, whereas, analogue and digital circuits, microprocessor, digital signal processing, programming languages makes attractive blend of Electrical & Electronics, there by creating excellent placement opportunities.